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Niche Content Development

Avid Media develops and sustains digital content platforms for niche communities. We realize that traditional mass media approach for the web doesn’t work anymore. People don’t expect something which is built for everyone; rather they expect content platforms catering specifically for their needs, and they expect it in their own native language. From parenting to travel, and cookery to exercising, every topic operates in a niche of its own.  We are committed to enrich the value of content catered to each of these niches


Content Monetization

Are you a blogger or a content creator on the internet catering to Sri Lankan audiences?  Are you struggling to monetize your website or video channels using traditional ad networks and direct ads selling? Avid Media can help you. Join Avid Media’s content monetization network and leave that burden to us and focus on what you are doing really well; creating valuable content

Value Driven Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not just simply sticking your brand name on articles on the internet. It’s a value exchange. At Avid Media, we can help you to seamlessly integrate your marketing communications objectives with the content we create while offering the maximum value to our audiences. After all, we don’t want to scare away our audiences by hard-selling branded content. That’s where Value Driven Content Marketing (VDCM) becomes the best solution for every brand

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I Want to Advertise My Brand

Avid Media offers a range of display advertising opportunities on our niche digital properties and the partner network. We further offer content marketing solutions, branded video content and micro-site development services for marketing campaigns

I Want To Monetize My Content

If you have a website published in Sinhala, Tamil or English languages targeting a Sri Lankan niche audiences, if you moderate Social Media community pages targeting Sri Lankan audiences, or if you are a blogger targeting Sri Lankans; then we can help you earn money from your content. Contact us to inquire how to join our content partners network

About Us

Avid Media is an innovative and digitally focused media publishing company in Sri Lanka with the vision of engaging, educating and entertaining niche communities through a range of online publications, mobile apps, online video channels, internet radio stations & podcasts, and live events both online & offline.

Avid Media believes the future of media content consumption happens on personal hand-held devices, rather than on TV screens, print media or through radio.

That’s why Avid Media operates with the vision to be the leading digital media content provider in Sri Lanka by the year 2020.

Avid Media Interactive (Pvt) Ltd is registered as a legal business entity in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 (Reg: PV 111226).

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